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We specialize in hardcover books printing, softcover books printing, children books printing, sticker books printing, board books printing, flap books printing, cookbooks printing, magazines printing, catalogues printing, textbooks printing, notebooks printing, brochures printing, booklets printing, posters printing, paper cards printing, calendars printing etc.

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Hangzhou Colon Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional printing factory with 15 years' experience. Located in Hangzhou,Zhejiang province, we are near Shanghai and Ningbo. Therefore, we enjoy the convenience of water, land and air transportation.We specialize in printing hardcover books, softcover books, children books, sticker books, board books, flap books, cookbooks, magazines, catalogues, textbooks, notebooks, brochures, booklets,

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Hardcover Several Common Forms

Hardcover Several Common Forms‚ÄčHardcover book is a book binding mode, with a protective hard bottom cover (commonly used cardboard, covered with fabric, thick paper or calfskin and other leather). Books in mainland China are gen...