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A few important issues that should be noted in book printing
- Jan 04, 2018 -

    We all often say that books are the ladder of human progress. Books play a very important role in our lives because reading a good book is equivalent to talking to a noble person. For the current sale of books, you need to choose a good printing house, so as to be able to improve the printing quality of books. Xiao Bian today to introduce you to analyze the book printing should pay attention to several important issues, hoping to allow everyone to print a more satisfactory book.

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    The first point, you should pay attention to the paper used in the printing process. Because the main purpose of books is to make people read more convenient and more comfortable, so the choice of paper should be very seriously. Under normal circumstances, printing books can not use too white paper, but should use a slightly yellowed paper, so that people will have a more comfortable reading, but also to protect people's eyesight.

    The second point, we should focus on the layout of books. I think in the end whether a book can be loved by people, on the one hand, the contents of the book, on the other hand, we must ensure that the layout of the book is more reasonable. For example, the page number of the book should be marked in a relatively obvious place, so that people are tagging, but also help people bookmark. In addition, the book should also have proper spacing between lines during printing so as to provide a more comfortable experience for people to read.

    The third point, we should focus on the choice of a good printing company to save costs. Book printing needs to work with a good printing company, and you should choose a more reliable printing company, otherwise it may appear that the phenomenon of pirated books.

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