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Application of digital printing for test water packaging and printing
- Dec 19, 2017 -

In recent years, the application of digital printing technology has made rapid progress, gradually extending from the field of business printing to the field of packaging and printing. According to the data provided by the China Printing Industry Development Report (2016 Edition), by the end of 2015, the proportion of packaging printing in the total output value of printing was 74.75%. As the area of the highest profit and added value of the printing industry, packaging and printing will cause the high concern of investors. Large format digital printing equipment, such as Hp Indigo 10000, 20000, Scitex 15500, Konica Minolta KM-1, KOMORI IS29, has been landed and put into production in China.

With the development of market diversification, many suppliers to market needs further refinement and regionalization, more and more requirements for product packaging personalized and diversified, for printing and packaging enterprises, long before the single printing has gradually transformed into a diversified short version printing. Digital printing has the advantages of short production cycle, high efficiency, cost saving and so on, and can ensure the consistency of print quality. As a result, digital printing is suitable for short, variable data printing, and its obvious advantage is that it can present each unique image.