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Book printing paper choice
- Jan 04, 2018 -

    In recent years, the global printing industry for various types of book printing products demand has been increasing, book printing products as many students will use the printing products, accounting for a larger share of the printing industry, but now the majority of users of book printing products Of the production quality are generally higher, so a lot of printing manufacturers will work harder on product quality, of which the quality of printed paper has a greater impact on product quality, then, when the book printing, the general How to choose the printing paper? Here, I will introduce to you.


    The production quality of book printing products can be said to have a great relationship with the choice of printing paper. If the printing paper is improperly selected, the quality of book printing products will be affected. Among them, letterpress paper is for letterpress printing books, magazines, the main paper. Toppan paper materials by the composition of the different ingredients, can be divided into 1, 2, 3 and 4 four levels. The number of paper represents the quality of paper, the greater the number of paper, the worse, which requires special attention

    Book printing products for the choice of paper, relatively speaking, the higher requirements, if the use of poor quality printing paper, the clarity of the printing will have a greater impact. Letterpress printing paper used in book printing has characteristics similar to, but not identical to, newsprint. Because the ratio of pulp material and pulp are better than newsprint beating, the fibrous tissue of the letterpress paper is more uniform, and the interstices between the fibers are filled by a certain amount of filler and rubber compound, so the quality is more reliable.



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