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The first step in the miracle of nano digital printing
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Drupa 2016, Schwartlander digital printing company shows 3 Nanometer image digital printing machine, coupled with Benny Landa by himself, so cool in the theater show, won numerous concerns in the printing circle. A large domestic printing enterprises with reporters: Landanami image digital printing machine is their trip to drupa an important stop, if nanometer image digital printing and advertising function Landa said, speed and output quality comparable to offset, also has the advantages of digital printing and variable, so the printing technology will change the pattern of world printing market.

In May this year, the "digital printing" magazine to Landa digital printing company general manager, Asia Pacific Sales Director Michael Mogridge, general manager of Greater China sales Deng Song, share the latest developments in Landanami image digital printing machine.

Nanoscale ink and transfer process are the two core technologies of the digital image digital printing machine

In drupa 2016, was launched for folding carton packaging market S10 Nanographic Printing Schwartlander sheetfed single digital printing machine, used for commercial printing and publishing and printing Landa S10P sheetfed double-sided digital printing machine, as well as for the flexible packaging market Landa W10 web side digital printing machine. The magic of these devices is that the speed, quality and amplitude of offset printing can be achieved, and any print is not required to be pretreated. To achieve these effects, the first is the core technology of nano ink, pigment ink only tens of nanometers in diameter, for the reflection of light than the traditional pigment is stronger, can reduce the total number of cases in the pigment, to obtain better image quality, so, on one hand reduces the cost, on the other hand can also expand the image gamut, 4 color printing can cover 80% of the Pantone color gamut. Michael Mogridge said: "it is known as the advantage of nano ink, it has other advantages, such as small particles because the nano pigment ink carrier, need less, we use 100% of the water as the carrier, not only easy to dry ink, wider adaptability, and can reduce the emission of VOCs, we dare to say, the emission of VOCs Landanami image digital printing machine industry is the least."

The second core technology is the transfer process of the nanoscale image printing. Direct inkjet technology will cause the drop in the substrate of the infiltration and expansion, and the printing process is the first Schwartlander ink jet into a special design of the rubber blanket belt, then the ink water heated and volatilized, forming a polymeric film is thin, smooth, strong adhesion so that it can transfer to any material, including a variety of coated and non coated paper, plastic packaging film, metal foil, greatly expanding the scope of application.

Landanami image digital printing machine in addition to the core technology has unique Schwartlander, also set many talents, prepress process and EFI cooperation, Fiery has powerful digital front-end. The rack combines the advantages of KOMORI's traditional printing machine to make the equipment more stable in high operation. With AVT, point - to - point image detection is used to control the printing quality.

In terms of domain and region, packaging and China are an important market for Landa

In the world's printing market, the packaging and printing market has shown a strong growth trend. Michael Mogridge said: "there is no doubt that the markets in the United States and Europe have been mature and stable, and China is a country with faster economic growth. We often say that Landanami image digital printing machine is a production behemoth, more specifically, it is suitable for at least 3 of the traditional offset printing factory. Landanami image digital printing machine is more suitable for the rapid economic growth in the region, Chinese is one of our biggest single target market."

Referring to the first installment user in China, Michael Mogridge first gave the global installation plan in 2017, which is the second installment in July, Israel, November, the United States, December Germany, 2018, and one of them is installed in China. In order to ensure the Landanami image digital printing machine after installation can operate normally, and deal with the unpredictable problems now, nano image digital printing machine every delivery, there are 9 groups of cameras, 7 x 24 hours on-line networking, real-time transmission of data to the Israeli headquarters, with video and audio technology, as a professional Engineer visit the scene feeling. Mr. Deng Song, the sales manager of Landa China, said: "this time, the language is one of the main problems in the world's first list. In order to ensure that the equipment can run normally in Chinese customers, we will use several levels of services. Besides the implementation of monitoring, we also plan to establish service centers within the 2 hour drive from the first customer, so as to prepare for sudden production. It is also seen that Landa attaches importance to the Chinese market. The first step in the miracle of nano digital printing