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European paper mills are expected to increase the price of global packaging paper to 2018
- Dec 19, 2017 -

In December 2017, when the last round of price rise in China's packaging paper factory opened in the year, similar prices were also in progress in distant Europe.

Earlier this month, DS Smith group announced the first sale in Europe recycled fiber packing paper price of 50 euros / ton.

Subsequently, the Italian company Industria Cartaria Pieretti (ICP) announced that the price of the company's packaging paper rose by 50 euro / ton.

Last week, the price increase was also implemented in large enterprises. The first is the Sonoco-Alcore S.a.r.l. company announced that after January 1, 2018, sales in Central Europe all packaging board increased the price of 50 euros / ton.

This week, another big enterprise, Smurfit Kappa, announced plans to increase the price of 60 euros / tonnes of packaging cardboard sold in all European markets from January 15, 2018.

Since 2017, the demand for corrugated cardboard has expanded in the European market, while fiber materials and energy costs are rising. After the fall in October, the price of European waste has quickly recovered to its original high. Industry experts predict that in the first quarter of 2018, European waste prices will rise strongly and reach the highest level in history. They also predict that in 2018, the global packaging market will be running at a high price, and the price is likely to break through the new heights in different regions, due to the demand of electricity providers and environmental policies.

The European packaging paper, driven by the Chinese market, was very prosperous in 2017. European carton enterprises invested in factories in China have begun to consider importing more packaging base paper from Europe.