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Hardcover book printing paperback strong momentum
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Hardcover book printing is still widely popular demand. United Kingdom Publishers Association's latest data show, first half of 2016, Volkswagen publications income drop in the number of 19%, hardcover book printed paper books still showing strong momentum. January 2016 ~ July, United Kingdom public classes, education classes and academic print books and printing revenue totals 1%, of 898 million pounds, including mass books and printing books achieved a sales increase of 6%. However, digital publications sales fell 7% to 182 million pounds, with public digital publishing books and printed matter most, sales decreased by 19%, educational publishing and teaching English classes won 32% of the remarkable growth in sales of digital publishing, academic and professional digital publication sales also increased 9%.

Audio book sales continue to rise, download 24%, to £ 6 million. New data shows that non-fiction and reference books to achieve significant growth, up 13.3% to 281.2 million pounds. School Publishing sales are just as impressive, digital publishing and paper publishing sales totals 7%. Children's book printing paperback sustainable momentum, sales growth in the first half 5%.

Throughout the first half of United Kingdom is shrouded in atmosphere into the Ou Gong off, finally concluded on June 23. In that time, United Kingdom book book printing exports dropped sharply to 1.5% to 465 million pounds, but at the same time, digital exports 7%. Although book exports was declining as a whole, but United Kingdom Publishers Association CEO sidifen·luotingge believes that the data shows the United Kingdom in the publishing world "export powerhouse" status, also showed that in the United Kingdom after the exit, published in the export of the country's economy is still in a prominent position.