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Hardcover book will know the printing and packaging industry news
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Origin Agritech said in a statement, the company has concluded the COFCO (Hong Kong) shares of the CPMC 27% price, the price at HK $1,616,047,200. Meanwhile, Hong Kong securities clearing company limited registration procedures for complete transfer of shares. At this point, origin Agritech successful upper CPMC's second largest shareholder. Aoruijin said, "through this cooperation, the company will improve aoruijin problem of dependency on a single customer Red Bull too, rich, optimize product mix and customer structure, improve the ability to resist risks. ”

Tianjin Unicom to test the waters, "Internet + intelligence package" Internet project

Tianjin Unicom and torch the titanium (Tianjin) signed a strategic cooperation agreement for development of science and technology and Internet business services agreement. The signing a national packaging initiative in the field marked Tianjin Unicom official mass into the "wisdom of the Internet package" Internet area. Tianjin Unicom Internet platforms for the project, for high-end liquor packaging in production, transportation, sales, consumption and recycling process, the entire process of locating, security verification, and mobile media.