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Innovation and breakthrough in printing technology of single paper offset press and roll paper offset press
- Dec 14, 2017 -

Today, both in China and abroad, packaging offset printing has been very active. With the development of the economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for packaging is becoming more and more large, and the requirements for packaging are becoming higher and higher. On the one hand, the demand for offset printing is increased in the packaging market; on the other hand, the development of offset printing technology also makes it more suitable for packaging and printing.

In addition to the characteristics of general printing, packaging printing has a wide range of printing, which usually requires special color printing, anti-counterfeit printing, stamping, and polishing. The packing materials of paper products are thick, and the specifications of printed products vary more. Many printing products need die cutting, indentation, window opening and number.

In order to meet these needs of packaging and printing, both sheet fed offset presses and web offset presses have been innovating and breakthroughs in technology. Many devices that used to be used on web offset presses have been applied to sheet fed offset presses.

1. corona treatment technology

In order to solve the special materials (such as plastic sheet etc.) the surface of the poor adhesion, can be the first to surface treatment. For example, KBA Rapida 74, Rapida 105 and other models install a corona unit before the first printing unit, discharge the special material surface with high voltage, improve the adhesion of the ink on the surface of the material, so as to improve the quality and speed of printing.

2. film mulching device

Roland 700 can cover printing materials before the start of color printing. The first printing machine prints viscose on the substrate, and the second roller of the printing machine is covered with thin film. When printing material is passed, the corresponding part will be covered with film. This process is completed at room temperature, completely avoiding the effect of temperature on the film and other printing materials.

3. cold and hot stamping system

The collocation and hot stamping unit is an important feature of the packaging offset press. Line of cold hot stamping is Roland first introduced and patented technology innovation, has won the 2006 annual PIA/GATF InterTech awards. Line of cold hot stamping unit can be mounted in any position according to the offset machine need cold stamping location, without blocking the original unit normal printing; printing and printing once completed, can achieve precise overprint; more can be printed in aluminum foil, aluminum foil to form any graphics and special color effects.

4. corrugated cardboard printing

In order to adapt to the characteristics of packaging material is thick, now a lot of sheet fed offset press is improved, such as the use of large paper drum, nano imprint lithography drum, drum seven o'clock arrangement of printing material, the thickness of up to 1.6mm, there are a lot of offset increases in direct printing of corrugated board function. Because of the direct printing graphic required less pressure on the corrugated paper, printing is difficult, in the past only flexo printing machine can print or offset printing machine, printing paper and pasted on the corrugated paper, go through two steps to complete. Now the offset printing machine has the function of printing corrugated cardboard directly, which not only reduces the process, but also greatly improves the efficiency.

5.UV offset printing

UV offset printing can not only enhance the decoration of printed matter, but also change the situation of printing only to print ordinary paper. Now, all kinds of plastic sheets, such as gold, silver, cardboard, aluminized paper, PET, PP and PE, can be printed on offset presses, which greatly expands the application space of offset printing.

UV printing usually includes two cases of UV ink printing and UV Polish polish, which has significant environmental advantages, and the ink layer is thick, bright and wearable.

A number of investigations show that the current UV offset market is growing at a rate of 10%, so UV offset printing equipment is also in hot sales. Now many equipment suppliers can provide offset printing machines with UV printing functions, and can be equipped with different devices according to the different process requirements of the user. But the UV offset printing process has its own characteristics, and it needs to accumulate experience gradually. At the same time, the price and energy consumption of UV offset printing machine is high. It needs matching UV ink, UV varnish, printing plate, rubber blanket, cot and curing device, which virtually increases the printing cost.

6. light

A survey shows that more than 90% of the packaging and printing need to be glazed, which fully illustrates the importance of the light in the packaging and printing. In the past the special machine offline glazing, and now the use of line light device. KBA has conducted many surveys on printing industry in many countries. The percentage of orders with line polishing system is: folding carton, about 80%, tag, about 70%. Table 1 shows the proportion of the 3 main modes of light, all of the upper light, the local light and the reticulated glaze.