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Italy provides a maximum of 20 thousand euros in tax relief for independent bookstores
- Dec 14, 2017 -

The news of the revival of the independent bookstore was coming from North America, but the warm wind did not blow to southern Europe. In recent years, a large number of Italy independent bookstores have been closed down, which has attracted the attention of the government. Since 2018, the government has allocated funds from the budget to provide tax incentives for bookstore industry.

Italy will issue preferential tax policies for bookstores. The independent bookstore can be tax free 20000 euros, while chain bookstores get the upper limit of 10000 euros.

At present, the Italy Senate Budget Committee has approved the plan in the 2018 budget amendment, the owner of its own stores bookstore can obtain property and local tax service (property and local services tax) and relief, rental store owner can get duty-free. The government will reserve a 400 million euro budget for the plan in 2018, which has increased from 2019 to 5 million euros a year.

The measure was launched to deal with the massive store store in Italy.

Christina Giussani, chairman of the Italy independent bookseller Association, points out that bookstores are cultural sites and are important for authors, publishers and printing companies. She hopes that in the next few years, the government will continue to take other measures to save the bookstore.

Ricardo Franco Levi, President of the Italy Publishers Association, commented: "the bookstore is one of the main places to spread culture and reading. It is very important to provide financial support for the protection of the bookstore industry. "