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Personalized printing are becoming mature
- Jan 19, 2017 -

In recent years, support for personalized printing digital printing machines become more sophisticated, faster, higher quality and more reliable, per page printing costs are falling rapidly; new technologies and work processes to improve the production process and can be automated, personalized advantage highlights the rapid growth of the Internet, but also provides support for personalized data processing required for printing.

At present, with the development of e-commerce, personalized Web sites everywhere, they rely on online interactive platform provides personalized print (greeting cards, calendar, calendars, postcards, invitations, business cards, etc), creating the character customization of printing more and more popular, consumers increasingly favor, many graphic express printing company also being forced into restructuring, and constantly seeking network printing solution for their business. So what about personalized printing market?

Printing has become the fashion choices of people's lives. Recently in digital printing is printing market has become one of the fastest-growing market, as consumers of the quality of life of the pursuit of higher and higher, souvenir, graduation pictures, company events, personality photo, baby shows, calendar calendar a range of needs, such as creating a personalized photo printing (picture book), development of the market. Especially the "fast" mode printing service center. Many photo stores on the market can quickly fine printing small print. Personalized market has gradually opened up, with low prices, natural fierce competition.