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Printing 4 is more than just a production concept for the printing industry
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Printing industry likes to give industry name to cross industry new production concept, so it does not take advantage of global technology trend, but develops its niche market. Two examples: We used the JDF concept to replace the popular XML concepts in all other industries. It's hard to find JDF professionals in the end. And the popular word "Web-to-Print". Now I have to explain to a few generation of college students that the electronic business configuration program for printed products is different from the web based format application (Web-to-Print).

We will feel that the printing industry is less innovative than the leading automobile and machine manufacturing industry in Germany. If you have a chance to visit a medium-sized machine factory. There, the international market leader, you can see more casual people than we think. When you visit the Mercedes Benz E workshop, you will see that each car is different from the previous one. This is not new to us as a single manufacturer.

Maybe this is related to different industries. Maybe there are some innovations that we do earlier than other industries, so we form the concept of self.

My view of the pop word industry 4 is that many people in our industry are further than we think. Because for us, "network printing factory" is not new. But now the main problem of machine and automobile manufacturing industry is that there is no longer part or part of the production that does not make full use of the workstation. Instead, the special production is skillfully run through the production workshop through the software based network.

Some people say, we can do this long ago! And we can also connect with our suppliers and our production partners!

So can we cross the 4 concept of industry? I say no, because industry 4 has more meaning and depth to the printing industry, so I made an exception and restated my concept: "Print 4" (printing 4), which means printing industry has more production ideas than the Internet.

4 - printing itself is networked printing products. If the printed tag is printed on the door of a hotel, if the guest doesn't want to be disturbed, it sends the number to the waiter, and then produces an efficient service process.

4 - printing is the network print and online communication. If all media develop their potential and every media can contribute to the measurement of advertising effectiveness through good reporting system, cross media marketing will make greater contributions to the network environment of our industry.

Printing 4 is more than a production concept for the printing industry. It also involves our products and services. Printing 4 is a concept of real value added.