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Publishing houses have advantages and short boards engaged in digital printing
- Dec 19, 2017 -

Press in the digital printing production and self distribution, although the continuation of the Zhonghua Book Company, Commercial Press Series issued three-in-one form, but changed the relationship and India, between the three, both have their advantages and short board. We should have a clear understanding of this.

One engaged in the production of digital printing press master strengths is a huge content resources, relative to the printing business people, they hold the initiative in selecting printing mode. Jiangsu Phoenix Digital Printing Co., Ltd. can promote the production of short books by digital printing. It is closely related to the support of the Phoenix publishing and media group. If a publishing house sends out a business to a digital printing enterprise, the publisher may not agree to pay the cost of the savings to the digital printing enterprise.

Another advantage of the press in digital printing is that it is more conducive to copyright protection. Although between production enterprises and press can be the problem of copyright protection signed a written contract, technically there are certain measures to prevent production enterprise printing printing, but also in social credit difficult reassuring situation, publishing house owned digital printing factory from the psychological feeling is always more practical.

There is a length of a short, the publishing house is engaged in the production of books on demand or has its own short board.

One short board is compared to the professional printing enterprise, digital publishing house owned printing factory living in market hotbed, the pressure is not, the market competitiveness is not strong, it is difficult to obtain the efficiency and benefit of professional printing enterprises, but its advantage is easy to obtain the agency business, but also because there is a steady source of business, active participation the market competition will be lower than the back, but go professional printing enterprises.

The two of the short board is that the target market is small, and it is difficult to make great progress. Professional printing enterprises in the face of a huge market, customers will put forward various requirements, which forced enterprises must go all out to meet customer requirements, otherwise it will face. Editors and readers publishing house owned digital printing factory is also coping with the press, but in the face of friends, communication is relatively easy, not tense, either this or that the urgency of the improved process, it is far lower than the market completely in the face of professional printing enterprises.

The three is the short board of digital printing to profit, we must solve the relationship between the short version of the production and mass production, to ensure the equipment operation and contradiction, press a single source of business equipment is difficult to meet the saturation production requirements, therefore, publishing house owned digital printing factory profit difficulty compared with professional printing enterprises big.

Of course, the length and the short board are all variables. As long as we face the problems that may arise and take effective measures, the short board may become a perfect place. In the digital age, the traditional way of thinking is changing. In terms of printing, the specialized division of labor was originally emphasized, especially in developed countries or even in pre press production, printing and binding, but now it is emphasized to break the margin and merge with each other. In the new media era, what will be the result of publishing the digital printing factory at the end of the new media era? It remains to be observed that the key is to start from its own conditions, and only those who are suitable for themselves are the best.