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South Korea intends to levy provisional anti-dumping tax Rifen paper products
- Dec 19, 2017 -

The Korea Trade Commission recently announced that the Commission has applied to the Ministry of finance of Korea planning to levy provisional anti-dumping duties on the coated printing paper exported to Korea by China, Japan and Finland.

The tax rate of anti dumping duty is 8.98%-12.12% of Chinese product, Japanese product 56.3%, and Finland product 4.64%-10.51%. The South Korean Ministry of finance will investigate the application of the South Korean Trade Commission and decide whether to levy a tax within 1 months after the initial survey. The anti-dumping duty rate imposed on Japanese products is calculated by the Korea Trade Commission based on the survey application and available data. The reason why the tax rate is high is that Japanese suppliers did not respond to the anti-dumping investigation.

Korean textbooks, catalogues, and advertising leaflets are imported from Japan, China, and Finland, which account for about 25% of South Korea's market share. 3 papermaking enterprises in South Korea believes that the dumping of paper products Rifen three caused damage to the sales and reduce other South Korean companies, so in June this year to the Korea Trade Commission submitted to Rifen three paper dumping investigation application.

The Korea Trade Commission believes that there is ample evidence that the dumping of paper products in Japan, China and Finnish countries has caused substantial damage to the Korean paper industry, or has constituted risks. In this regard, the South Korean Trade Commission will be further investigated in the future, and the decision on whether to formally levy anti-dumping duties is likely to be made around March next year.