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The brochure is widely used, various types, and can be classified according to different classification criteria as follows
- Jan 10, 2018 -

1. According to the different nature of the brochure, it can be divided into special product brochures, general product brochures and so on.

2, according to the different forms, it can be divided into clauses, products, brochures, charts, products, brochures, articles and charts, brochures, online shopping products, brochures, audio-visual products, brochures, oral products brochures, etc.

3. According to the different points of the object and industry, it can be divided into the brochure of industrial products, the brochure of agricultural products, the brochure of financial products, the brochure of insurance products and so on.

4. According to the content, it can be divided into detailed product brochure, brief product brochure and so on.

5. According to the language, it can be divided into Chinese product brochure, foreign product brochure, Chinese and foreign language brochures of control products, etc.

5. Cover cover with 250 grams of dumb paper, dumb glue and 157 grams of dumb paper for inner page

6. Cover cover with 15 7 grams of double copper paper, dumb glue and 157 grams of double copper paper for inner page

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