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The difference between digital printing and traditional printing
- Dec 19, 2017 -

The traditional printing technology we usually say refers to offset printing. In the printing industry, offset printing occupies an absolute dominant position. Because of its fast printing speed, stable printing quality and low printing cost, it has been widely applied in books, magazines, newspapers and the vast majority of commercial printing.

The traditional offset printing machine has higher investment cost, larger equipment area, more demand personnel, more supporting equipment and auxiliary equipment, and higher requirements for operators. But the investment cost of digital printing equipment is relatively low, the area is small, the auxiliary equipment is few, and the skill requirement of the operator is not high offset.

Therefore, digital printing caters to the demand of timeliness, individuation, multi batch and small batch of commercial printing. Data is variable, and printing and printing is an absolute advantage in short printing. In the print data, the traditional printed manuscript is unique and can not be changed, if the error can only be re layout after the printing plate, greatly reduced in cost and timeliness, but the digital printing data can be variable printing according to customer requirements, and the errors can be immediately modified and then continue printing on the manuscript save, duty and downtime, improve production efficiency.