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Yan Xiaohong: steady unswervingly promote green printing(一)
- Dec 14, 2017 -

First, implement the new development concept and fully understand the importance of the implementation of green printing

Of the party since eighteen, with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee to co-ordinate and promote the "five in one" overall layout and coordination to promote the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, put forward the new idea and thought of a series of new strategies for governing the country, especially the implement of "innovation, establish coordination, green, open and sharing" five development ideas, pointed out the direction for the development of economy and society. We should conscientiously implement these new ideas and new demands and new decisions, and further improve the consciousness and initiative of green development.

(1) to look at the new requirements for the construction of national ecological civilization.

With the rapid development of the economy for many years, the pressure of resources and environment in China is becoming more and more serious. The party's eighteen of the construction of ecological civilization put forward new and higher requirements, for the first time into the five in one overall layout. To this end, last year the Party Central Committee and the State Council issued the "on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization" and "ecological civilization reform plan", has made the comprehensive deployment, construction of ecological civilization in the last week, the office of the state office also issued the "goal of the construction of ecological civilization evaluation assessment methods", clear the contents of the evaluation of ecological thinning civilization construction of local government. This year, we began to pilot a unified and standardized national ecological civilization test area in Fujian, and explore policies and measures to encourage the construction of ecological civilization. At the same time, accelerate the process of sewage tax, strengthening legal means to strengthen the supervision of environmental protection. Various departments have also compiled a series of action plans such as key industries, VOCs reduction plan, air pollution control action plan and so on, so as to carry out the specific requirements of energy saving and emission reduction. It can be seen that the construction of ecological civilization has entered a new stage of encouragement and restraint. It is advanced, and the whole is bound. The severe haze days before the invasion, many printing companies are required to stop production or limited production, more is to tell us green environmental protection has become all walks of life and will answer the bonus question. In the cultural industry, the printing industry as an important part of the environment has an important impact. We must be more active in the new requirements of the construction of ecological civilization.

(two) green printing has become a new kinetic energy for the development of industry.

In the middle of 12th Five-Year, the central government made a significant judgement of the economic development entering the new normal state, mainly manifested in the development speed of the national economy turning to the middle and high speed growth, the continuous optimization and upgrading of the economic structure, and the gradual increase of the growth mode to the innovation drive. Understanding, grasping, and leading this new normal is the great logic of doing economic work well at present and in the future. In recent years, China's printing industry has been in sync with the national economy, and it has also entered a new normal state of slow growth, structural adjustment, innovation integration and dynamic transformation. Since 2012, the growth rate of China's printing industry has decreased from two digits in one year to one digit. By the end of 2015, the total output value of printing industry has reached 1 trillion and 120 billion yuan, the growth rate is 3.6%, which has reached a new low in recent years, and the industry operation is facing greater growth pressure. But in recent years, green printing has become a bright spot in the development of the industry. The output value of green printing has been continuously improved, and the competitiveness of green printing enterprises has been continuously enhanced, and the industry's survival of the fittest has been speeded up. Green printing plays an important role in promoting the adjustment of industrial structure and accelerating the transformation and upgrading. We should accelerate the cultivation and expansion of new development momentum of green development, improve quality and efficiency, and guide printing industry to achieve sustainable development in the new normal by implementing green printing.

(three) green printing will contribute to the implementation of the structural reform of the central supply side.

The outstanding contradictions and problems Chinese printing industry thirty years of rapid development is reflected in the low-end production surplus, high production capacity, the price of low-end products homogenization competition, high-quality personalized printing products are in short supply, and even some high-quality printing materials still need to import. To solve this major structural imbalance, the central puts forward supply side structural reform, reduce invalid supply, expand the effective supply, improve the adaptability of the supply structure to the demand structure, the goal is to guide the economy towards higher quality, more efficient and more equitable and sustainable development. The implementation of green printing, improve the overall quality of printing products, improve the printing enterprise production efficiency, improve the supply level of the whole industry chain, to promote the Internet under the condition of machinery and equipment, raw materials and printing the integration of development, at the same time, their development and promote the great change of Chinese printing industry, the the printing of more high-quality products, more in line with market diversification and personalized needs, to better meet the people's material and cultural needs and promote the sustainable development of the industry.

Two, firmly push forward the steady implementation of green printing, and strive to realize the transformation of the printing power to the printing power.

"13th Five-Year" period is China's comprehensive completion of the decisive stage of a well-off society, the printing industry is also changing the mode of development, to achieve five years of transition from power to power the key. Conscientiously implement the five development ideas, the implementation of the decisions of the central government, while maintaining stability, unswervingly promote the implementation of green printing, and constantly improve the quality and level of the supply of printing industry.