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Yan Xiaohong: steady unswervingly promote green printing(二)
- Dec 14, 2017 -

Two, firmly push forward the steady implementation of green printing, and strive to realize the transformation of the printing power to the printing power.

"13th Five-Year" period is China's comprehensive completion of the decisive stage of a well-off society, the printing industry is also changing the mode of development, to achieve five years of transition from power to power the key. Conscientiously implement the five development ideas, the implementation of the decisions of the central government, while maintaining stability, unswervingly promote the implementation of green printing, and constantly improve the quality and level of the supply of printing industry.

(1) to promote the top level design of green printing.

Under the unified decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the construction of ecological civilization is being gradually pushed open and deepened. Especially recently, the State Council has issued the "13th Five-Year" environmental protection plan "and" on the establishment of a unified standard, green product certification, marking system of opinions ", clearly put forward the integration of environmental protection, energy saving, water saving, recycling and other products certification, the establishment of a unified standard of green products, certification and labeling system. This has put forward new requirements for us to do a good job in green printing. It should be said that in the "12th Five-Year" period, the printing and Distribution Division of the general administration was the main force, and the China Indo China Association vigorously promoted the overall coordination of the research institutes, printing enterprises and the upstream and downstream industries chain, and jointly implemented the green printing mode, which is worth affirming and promoting. A good work model and a good working method can promote the realization of the work goal. The next step will be the same as the administration, the Ministry of environmental protection, development and Reform Commission, the Commission, the Ministry and other departments, to further improve the green printing system, make the system top-level design, promote green printing actively integrate into the national green product certification system, and working with the environmental protection industry to implement the green printing docking, avoid detours. We will continue to give full play to the initiative and enthusiasm of China India Association, build a good communication platform and provide good consulting services. We should continue to play the main role of printing enterprises, encourage enterprises to enhance their sense of responsibility, and actively adopt green technologies and equipment to reduce energy consumption, reduce emissions and improve product environmental quality. At the same time, we should give full play to the advantages of scientific research institutes in technology research and development and talent training, so as to provide intellectual support for green development.

(two) key breakthroughs and the strengthening of the VOCs governance in the printing industry.

The main problem facing the current green printing is VOCs governance. At present, there are 17 provinces (districts and cities) in China, which have begun to charge for the pilot emission of packaging and printing, forcing the printing industry to speed up the VOCs management. After repeated demonstration by experts and a lot of practice of printing enterprises, and drawing lessons from the experience of developed countries, the emphasis of VOCs governance in printing industry should be put in "source reduction" and "process control" at the same time, at the same time, "terminal governance" should be taken into account. Manufacturing and processing properties of printing based on source reduction can significantly reduce pollution emissions, greatly reduce the difficulty and cost management; process control to achieve scientific, standardized, stability can improve the quality of products; the end of treatment is mainly for some part of the pollution and part of pollutants. Therefore, the coordination and linkage of industrial chain is an important method to solve the problem of VOCs governance. This is also the reason for the general praise of the outstanding raw and auxiliary materials and technical equipment manufacturers. We should focus on source reduction and process control, promote important printing and dyeing materials such as ink and adhesives to achieve green printing standards, and continue to play the guiding role of China India Association's "green raw and auxiliary materials catalog". We should strengthen cooperation in production, teaching and research, and research and develop a number of low-cost, efficient and targeted technology roadmap to solve the difficulties faced by enterprises in environmental protection.

(three) classified traction and continuously improve the quality and level of printing supply.

One is to expand the scope of implementation of green printing. From the compilation, issuance, management, chain, coordination and promotion of green printing, expanding the implementation of green printed publications, and bringing green printing into the examination of publishing management. Strengthen communication and coordination, promote green printing in the fields of food and drug packaging and bill ticket. Two is to improve the green printing technology innovation system. We should encourage innovative applications of new technologies and technologies, strengthen the follow-up evaluation of the implementation of green printing standards, support the scientific research of pollution reduction and gradually establish the technological support system for green printing. The three is to strive for policy support. The General Administration and the Ministry of environmental protection will continue to coordinate the Ministry of finance, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information, the Ministry of science and technology and other relevant departments to study and put forward the encouragement and support measures for green printing. The departments of broadcasting and broadcasting and broadcasting in various places should strengthen their leadership and coordination, and continue to strive for financial incentives and subsidies. Printing enterprises should actively apply for support funds such as green printing reform, cleaner production audit and so on. The four is to strengthen propaganda and promotion. Continue to face the industry and face the society, publicize the green concept, publicize the praising advanced units, and continue to organize green printing promotion week. In this regard, the central media should especially promote the efforts and contributions of the printing industry to the whole society in order to achieve green development. The five is to strengthen the supervision of the industry, including books and printing enterprises, and strengthen supervision and inspection of products.

Comrades and friends, unswervingly push forward the implementation of green printing and realize the transformation from a big printing nation to a powerful printing nation is a arduous task, a great responsibility and a glorious mission. Let us unite closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the implementation of the "five development of the concept of innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing, firm development direction of" integration of green, digital, intelligent, and guide China's printing industry to continuously improve the quality and level of supply, comprehensive the building of a moderately prosperous society and make new