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Book Printing Has Scientific
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Book printing is one of the most common kinds of printing products in our life, we usually buy various types of book printing products and a large number of books in the library of the printing products to increase knowledge, the growth of insight is very helpful, reliable quality, printing of various types of book printing products are people's spiritual food, so, despite the continuous development of computer networks, but book printing products are still our lives and work of the indispensable one of the growth of knowledge of the book printing.

I. FM screen printing. This is a more commonly used book printing products printing methods, in general, more suitable for the high color concentration of books printing, there are more of the landscape characters in the book is also more suitable for the use of FM screen printing methods.

Second, high network cable printing. This method used for book printing, Book Printing more suitable for some of the screen more delicate and soft printing, for the performance of the fine print content is very suitable, but also a more commonly used book printing methods.

Third, high-fidelity printing. High-fidelity printing method and other types of book printing methods, in the printing quality and printing effect is often better, Book Printing very suitable for some simulation image printing, especially its six color or multi-color printing characteristics, in the printing effect often can show the best performance.

Book printing is the dissemination of scientific and cultural knowledge, people have seen books and learning books, encyclopedia knowledge, etc., all enrich our lives, is the educational cause must have the material foundation, is the decoration, the propaganda commodity a means, Book Printing is a kind of dissemination visual information, the promotion social civilization development important means. Can say, we live every move, a scene is inseparable from the printing of books, printing has become an indispensable part of human life.

(1) Political

Newspapers, document headers, periodicals, books, documents and other books printing, with the promotion of national policy, the role of the policy, Book Printing is a powerful public opinion tool for political services. Every state's authority must hold these instruments of public opinion firmly, so that these books are printed to serve the consolidation of the state's power.

(2) seriousness

There are many kinds of books, including political, cultural, military and scientific research fields. In the printing of books in the production process, must be seriously responsible, strict proofreading, so that it in accordance with the quadrochromatic accurately printed out, Book Printing do not allow the slightest mistake, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

(3) Confidentiality

Book printing has restricted reading of the non-public publication of reading, Book Printing there is a precaution against forged banknote coupons, bills, military maps, scientific research materials, there is no use of test papers. Those who are engaged in the printing of such books must "keep confidential and be cautious" and strictly observe the confidentiality rules.

(4) Industrial

Book printing is made by the production department using printing technology. Printing and papermaking, ink, printing machinery manufacturing industry constitutes a huge industrial structure, belonging to the category of light industry, with general industrial characteristics. Economic Accounting, planning management and technical management must be implemented. Requirements for varieties, raw materials consumption, cost, output value, profit, quality, labor productivity and other indicators complete.

(5) Scientific

Printing technology is based on digital, physics, Chemistry, electronics, mechanics, mechanical science, rheology and other basic disciplines. For a long time, printing technology in the development process, but also around their own printing content, gradually formed a set of printing adaptability, Book Printing printing ink transfer principle, the more advanced science, printing more developed.

(6) Technical

Printing is a practical science. The production of book printing is by no means an empty talker, and the theory must be closely integrated with technology. such as printing pressure adjustment, ink configuration, ink color control, printing speed, the use of color sequence, Book Printing and so on, Book Printing need to have a skilled technology to handle properly. Experienced, skilled people and inexperienced, unfamiliar technology, the production of printed products, in the quality often have a larger gap.

(7) Artistic

Book printing can make readers pleasing, fondle admiringly, in addition to the content, depending on the design of the original manuscript, layout of the vivid, colorful color allocation, decoration processing elegant, generous and so on, must give the book printing to the United States inspiration, printing technology itself is an art processing technology.

To sum up, book printing is a comprehensive product of science, technology and art. Therefore, the printing workers, should have a higher level of education, master the necessary printing theory knowledge, but also have a skilled printing operation skills, in the production practice, Book Printing and constantly improve their own artistic accomplishment, in order to produce excellent, beautiful book printing.