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Feng Hanquan: Digital Label Printing In The Next 35 Years Will Be A Major Breakthrough
- Jan 19, 2017 -

Recently, digital printing is label industry hotspot in 2014, all India exhibition in Shanghai also let everyone feel, traditional printing equipment manufacturers is not what mainstream exhibition, a large number of digital printing and prepress and postpress vendors gradually become active again. With matching digital printing supplies, such as paper, self-adhesive, film products, glue, varnish, etc, are there any new products optimized for digital printing equipment, so as to ensure quality and stability of digital printing has greatly improved.

In international markets, particularly in Europe and the main label industry, digital printing equipment has been dominant. More and more printing companies reduce the number of traditional printing equipment, to increase printing capacity, especially in the shorter version and personalized labels the main market, the situation has reversed. Due to Europe's long-term economic downturn, printing industry is under the influence of the Internet and changes in consumer buying habits, as well as rising labor costs, fixed costs increased impetus, printing companies are working to improve the rate of automation of production facilities to reduce labor costs, reduce waste, mining production potential. So, in this context, traditional printing equipment for flexographic machines, for example, requires each device needs at least two or three people, but also to larger venues, as well as power consumption, press materials, ink, process time consuming and wasting, greatly increases the power of digital transition.