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File Format For Poster Printing
- Jul 19, 2017 -

Poster printing, the general size of the poster is relatively large, the smallest should also be hit to A3 paper size, see your actual needs, such as just need to print with ordinary printer, Poster Printing then the general inkjet printers and laser printer A3 format can be printed.

Posters print source files usually have CDR, AI, PSD, EPS, and so on, these formats are the design software directly saved file format. Poster Printing The CDR file is the file format of the CorelDRAW vector design software; AI and EPs are the file formats for Adobe iiiustator vector software; cdr and AI file quality is very good, printing equipment is the preferred file, the two software needs to be curved. Poster Printing PSD is a bitmap software photoshop file Save format, design needs to be divided into layer processing, the resolution needs to be adjusted to 300 pixels/cm, can be directly on the machine printing and proofing.

Poster printing file type and print size determined, now to determine the poster material and print quantity, because the poster material and print quantity decide the production cost of the poster, Poster Printing the quantity is larger than the printing presses, so the unit price relative to printing to be much more affordable. Of course, the material is also a cost, if the quantity is relatively small, choose to use PP or pet to print, because the cost of materials is not very big.

Poster printing is the ability to print a page by enlarging it to a few pages of paper. When you select the Poster printing feature, the page radio and set buttons are optional. You can select the number of pages that the poster will cover by using the page radio button. Specific action: \ "printer properties \" =>\ "Layout \" => select \ "multiple pages \" option => select \ "Poster \" => select \ "pages \".

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