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Font Design For Poster Printing Needs To Be Simplified
- Jul 31, 2017 -

Posters print source files usually have CDR, AI, PSD, EPS, and so on, these formats are the design software directly saved file format. The CDR file is the file format of the CorelDRAW vector design software; AI and EPs are the file formats for Adobe iiiustator vector software; cdr and AI file quality is very good, printing equipment is the preferred file, the two software needs to be curved. Poster Printing PSD is a bitmap software photoshop file Save format, design needs to be divided into layer processing, the resolution needs to be adjusted to 300 pixels/cm, can be directly on the machine printing and proofing.

Poster printing file type and print size determined, now to determine the poster material and print quantity, because the poster material and print quantity decide the production cost of the poster, Poster Printing the quantity is larger than the printing presses, so the unit price relative to printing to be much more affordable. Of course, the material is also a cost, if the quantity is relatively small, Poster Printing choose to use PP or pet to print, because the cost of materials is not very big.

Poster printing Requirements

1, poster printing font design needs to be simplified

In recent years, the award-winning poster printing embodies the design style, the layout of the font design is to throw away as much as possible to jilt the text, the flower line of the mattress, change to change the font, dispensable flower nets, the pursuit of rough brows (big title), small articles, large eyes (big picture), clear outline (block structure) of the masculine and forthright beauty, the wording is rarely curved, not piecemeal, Poster Printing the font is less change, thick and black lines.

In addition, the gap can also make people in the newspaper to create a sense of ease, the more important the title, the more you want to leave blank; There was a blank space on the pages of the dense typography, as a weary motorist caught sight of the light through the deep cave. The same is true of posters. Today, Poster Printing a lot of posters are keen on the use of color, by preference to list some beautiful colors, smear in the layout of the font design, color or abrupt protruding or too sunken.

2, poster printing design Modular layout

Modular choreography, Professor Maughan of the Missouri Institute of Journalism explained: "The module is a box, preferably a long box, it can be an article, can also be included in the body, attachments and pictures, including a set of columns, the layout of the font design is composed of modules. "The greatest benefit of this design is easy reading." From the visual psychological analysis, Poster Printing the module has its specific advantages, Gestalt psychology is an important principle is "overall greater than part of the sum." According to this proposition, the advantages of modular design can be clearly seen. If a group of meaning-related, similar or opposing manuscripts are spelled out in the layout of the font design, they are only an independent manuscript, and if combined in a single box, Poster Printing it may produce a new message without words, or even a $number effect.

In addition, the poster printing design modular layout is basically horizontal, from the physiological analysis, eyeball rotation, is by the eyeball up and down 6 muscles movement to come, Poster Printing when the eyeball rotates up and down, not like left and right turn that just eyeball itself rotates, it also wants to even the upper and lower eye cover rotates together, more laborious, easy to weary, thus crosswise reads than straight to read the effort.