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Hardcover Several Common Forms
- Jul 10, 2017 -

One, according to the form of spine to point, a square spine and round spine two.

1, square spine, the thickness of the book than the core look thicker. As the book core folding and cable reasons, the height of the spine is higher than the book core, printed more and more obvious. Therefore, the hardcore of the square spine should not be too thick, generally applicable to the spine within 20mm.

2, round spine, because the position before and after the book is slightly different, the folding of the sticks slightly semicircular, distributed in a curved surface, the thickness of the balance. The mouth of the book core with the spine of the convex round to adapt, was concave round. So the thicker book is round with a good spine. The corridor is a rounded shape of the back of the ridge, and is generally 130 ° in terms of the thickness of the book core and the arc. Round ridge can be divided into round back without ridge (only grinding round can not afford to ridge) and round back with ridge (Pa round from the ridge, the height of the ridge from the bookboard with the same thickness of the same cardboard) two.

hardcover book251.JPG

Second, according to the material points, can be divided into ridge surface with the material and ridge surface two kinds of material.

1, ridge surface with the material, that is, the spine and cover the back cover with the whole piece of the same material. There are ridge and ridge two. Hardcover fabric multi-purpose paper, fabric, paint paper, lacquer cloth, etc., are generally equipped with a cover. But there is a full paper printed with a title, pattern and so on and paste the paper on the cardboard, this book is mostly ridge without cover.

2, the ridge surface material, that is, the spine and cover with different materials, usually in the fabric for the spine, paper paper in the cardboard for the cover, this form is generally more for the ridge without cover.

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