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More Advantages Of Self-adhesive Printing
- Sep 13, 2017 -

First of all, the application of self-adhesive printing is more extensive than traditional printing, whether in the food and beverage industry, or household appliances or daily necessities can be seen in self-adhesive printing labels. And because of the advantages of self-adhesive printing, Sticker Printing many areas are used in this label, throughout the range is very wide.

Self-adhesive printing paste is also more convenient, before the ordinary printing is more cumbersome, but also inconvenient to use. Now self-adhesive printing without glue and other adhesives can be used, Sticker Printing directly torn off can be used, more convenient. And this is a green product that does not pollute the commodity.

Now the cost of self-adhesive printing investment is also relatively small, and quick. Trademarks and stickers used in self-adhesive printed matter is the most, Sticker Printing and the format is very small, only a printing machine can be used to complete the program. The printing speed is much faster, and the resulting scrap is very small.

Self-adhesive print is also a product description and advertising method that is ubiquitous in people's lives. such as cosmetic skin care bottles on the surface of the covered layer of the plastic film is a product introduced transparent self-adhesive printing printed.

In recent years, with the development of the economy of self-adhesive printing market and intake of all aspects of life, the common trademarks, product descriptions, a wide range of stickers, product signs, Sticker Printing product descriptions and so on are printed with stickers,

Self-adhesive printing is the shape of the drawings, labels, text descriptions, and other substances of different nature, in the printing plate through a certain pressure transfer to the back of the pre-printed plastic layer of high-quality transparent plastic film, thus forming a sticky nature of transparent self-adhesive printed matter.

Self-adhesive printing allows printing to become omnipotent, and screen printing in contrast to the printing process error rate will be much lower, Sticker Printing and product synchronization can save a lot of time. In addition, self-adhesive printing can be applied to different fields and has a wide range of applications. In food, drugs, cosmetics, electrical appliances, stationery, daily necessities, electronic supplies and other fields are important positions, as well as many clothing labels, supermarkets, such as the price tag is often seen, many products will use transparent self-adhesive printing trademarks affixed to the commodity above, Sticker Printing also played a certain publicity role.

Self-adhesive printing costs are low, wide range of applications, the general manufacturers are using transparent self-adhesive printing product labels and trademarks.