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Non-dry Adhesive Printing Heat And Moisture Resistance
- Jul 19, 2017 -

Self-adhesive printing, in a nutshell, refers to a certain pressure will be printing ink and other substances through the plate transfer to the back of the substrate coated with a plastic coating surface of the process. Sticker Printing Self-adhesive printing products are mainly the following characteristics: ① applications are widely used in food and beverages, household goods, household appliances, Sticker Printing stationery and other aspects, but also in the field of commodity price labels and clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics and so on. ② paste Convenience: No glue, paste, such as adhesives, is very convenient, and the appearance of goods without any pollution. ③ has durability: adhesion firm, sticky and flexible, heat and moisture resistance, not easy to aging. Sticker Printing It is widely used in the field of trademarks and signs.

Self-adhesive printing is mainly used for product introduction logo and other trademark needs, as a convenient trademark affixed to the corresponding products, according to the different attributes and location of the product has different sizes, General self-adhesive printing requires professional printing companies to make special customizations.

The price of self-adhesive printing varies with the adhesive specification. Sticker Printing Hao wo printing to ensure that the lowest printing price in the same industry to provide you with the best quality printing services.

Non-dry Adhesive printing Notes

1. According to the type of object, grade, quality, paste surface characteristics, the use of the environment and user requirements, such as a comprehensive consideration.

2. Film Type self-adhesive label surface must be smooth and dense, uniform density, color uniformity, good transmittance, to ensure that the film ink absorption uniformity, Sticker Printing with the same batch of printing products of small color.

3. The thickness of self-adhesive label should be uniform, and the strength index should be qualified.

4. The self-adhesive label should be flat and the rewinding tension should be uniform.

5. Film adhesive labels also have to have corrosion resistance, anti-aging, do not fade, shrinkage, swelling ratio of small characteristics.

What are the sizes of self-adhesive printing?

Paper substrate

1, offset paper (also known as: Molded papermaking; wf)

The most commonly used pure wood pulp making paper. Sticker Printing With good printing and writing adaptability, wide use.

2, coated paper (English: SC)

Coated with white paint on the surface, suitable for advanced labeling.

3, Glass paper jam (also known as mirror; cast)

Compared with coated paper, Sticker Printing the smoothness and gloss are further improved. The paper shines like a mirror and has a higher sense.

4. Foil Paper

Paper products formed by compound foil on paper surface.

5. Special Paper

Include: impregnated paper and dust-free paper

6, variable information printing paper and so on

II. Thin film Substrates

1, polyester film (PET)

2, polyethylene film (PE)

3. Polypropylene film (PP)

4. Polystyrene Film (PS)

5 PVC Film (PVC)

6. Synthetic paper

7. Fully degradable plastic film

8, Pp+pe synthesis

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