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Non-dry Glue Printing Process Function
- Jul 06, 2017 -

With the application of self-adhesive printing more and more widely, self-adhesive printing by more customers, including the need to use a lot of printing technology, Sticker Printing commonly used self-adhesive printing process There are seven kinds, let us come to understand.

1 bronzing, Hot silver

Process principle: Dry adhesive bronzing Hot Silver process is the use of heat transfer principle, anodized aluminum in the transfer to the substrate surface to form a special metal effect.

Process applications: Less, complex process, high cost, Sticker Printing generally used in logos, labels, trademarks and so on.

Process function: Surface decoration, can improve the added value of the products;

2 laminating

Process principle: The transparent plastic film by hot-pressing coating to the surface of the print, Sticker Printing to protect and increase the role of luster.

Process applications: Widely used, especially paper stickers printing more.

Process function: Protect the adhesive, prolong the service life, and if the indentation is not easy to be damaged.

3 Die-cutting

Process principle: Non-dry rubber die-cutting is those irregular or irregular self-adhesive printing requires the use of die-cutting knife version, so that the shape of the printed matter is no longer limited to the straight edge or right angle.

Process application: More extensive, Sticker Printing special-shaped self-adhesive more.

Process function: Help product forming.

4 over oil

Process principle: It is to change the ordinary oil of self-adhesive printing machine into bright oil ink to produce printing.

Process applications: Less, self-adhesive labels generally printed in order to facilitate the use of high oil costs.

Process function: Surface decoration, can improve the value of products.

5 Dash

Process principle: Use the marking machine in the self-adhesive paper on the line, Sticker Printing to help the product faster molding.

Process application: Extensive

Process function: Help the product to produce the molding faster.

6 indentation

Process principle: Through the imprint, the sticker on the paper or left to bend the groove mark.

Process application: Extensive

Process function: Convenient use of self-adhesive.

7 Perforated

Process principle: The use of drilling equipment on the sticker paper can be worn on the eyelet.

Process applications: less often used

Process function: Convenient use of self-adhesive.

What are the sizes of self-adhesive printing?

Paper substrate

1, offset paper (also known as: Molded papermaking; wf)

The most commonly used pure wood pulp making paper. Sticker Printing With good printing and writing adaptability, wide use.

2, coated paper (English: SC)

Coated with white paint on the surface, suitable for advanced labeling.

3, Glass paper jam (also known as mirror; cast)

Compared with coated paper, the smoothness and gloss are further improved. The paper shines like a mirror and has a higher sense.

4. Foil Paper

Paper products formed by compound foil on paper surface.

5. Special Paper

Include: impregnated paper and dust-free paper

6, variable information printing paper and so on

II. Thin film Substrates

1, polyester film (PET)

2, polyethylene film (PE)

3. Polypropylene film (PP)

4. Polystyrene Film (PS)

5 PVC Film (PVC)

6. Synthetic paper

7. Fully degradable plastic film

8, Pp+pe synthesis

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