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Preliminary Selection Of Packaging And Printing Plant
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Preliminary selection of packaging and printing plant

First, you need to understand what you need to print.

See it all is not lost words laugh? I can't help saying, "don't I know anything about it?" Here is what to print printed products should be classified into either category. The world does not have a printer capable of printing all prints, in all kinds of printing enterprises, engaged in publications (books, periodicals, newspapers, etc.) printing enterprises accounted for about 10% of the total number of printing enterprises, engaged in packaging and printing (logo, label, tag, color box, and other enterprises accounted for about 30% of the rest in other printed materials (documents, data, charts, ticket printing etc.). So before looking for a printing manufacturer, be sure to know what kind of print it belongs to so that the right printing supplier can be found. Printing can provide what product is actually made up of production equipment decision, such as newspaper printing factory, is a professional newspaper needs to use a rotary printing machine; packaging printing printing machine manufacturers in addition also need other printing processing equipment, threading machine, tag tag tag eyeleting machine, labeling machine, die-cutting machine (such as beer machine), gold (silver, laser) equipment, laminating machine, UV machine, visco box machine etc..

Two, clearly positioning the quality requirements of the product.

It is also critical that different quality requirements can determine how to find a supplier. Most of today's printing plants will choose advanced equipment, and the quality is more guaranteed. For example: "like garment factory clothing label (tag), before the factory will choose to wear artificial rope, slow speed, tag rope knot of different lengths, different sizes, producing high rejection rate. Today's clothing manufacturers will call for the selection of automated equipment, such as the automatic tag and threading machine manufactured by KAMGOLD, the automatic tag, cork machine, etc. the quality of the tag can be unified and beautiful, and it can solve the trouble and efficiency of manual thread wearing. It is the following two points that really guarantee the long-term stability of the product quality.

Three, give the printing supplier a little more time and a little more time.

Is it strange to see this point? How much time should be taken into consideration for the suppliers? Generally speaking, the printing plant has already arranged the production plan early, and if there is not enough time, it is difficult to arrange production. As the saying goes: "malt". Think about it, just a little bit of time to give people a little bit of time. How can we produce a good product from time to time? And time enough, of course that is slow, quality assurance. Many times, it is because of the time that the time is not enough to lead to the quality of the product. And the more time it is reserved, the more opportunities you can choose, the price of the product is better, and the quality of the product is also guaranteed.


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