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Printing Process
- Mar 02, 2018 -

Printing process

The source of printing and sample printing process is: the printing process and process of printing books and samples of China printing network editorial department play a crucial role in improving the quality of books and magazines and expanding market publicity. In some ways, whether designers, publishers, printing enterprises or customers, according to the specific quality of book printing, select and determine the printing process itself needs, and put forward the strict quality requirements for the printing process, in order to achieve the desired effect finally. Lithographic printing process includes the following parts: sample books - print imposition - developing - wiping - drying - plate - printing and lithographic printing is mainly offset printing. Now, as an example of offset printing, the process flow of book sample printing and the introduction of pre press, printing, post printing and adding work are introduced. First, preparation for pre press preparation includes: paper moisture treatment, ink modulation, wetting liquid preparation, printing plate inspection, printing pressure debugging and so on. Paper moisture treatment is mainly to prevent the environmental climate from causing uneven moisture content of paper, resulting in paper deformation and static electricity. This phenomenon is strictly prohibited in printing. Two. After the prepress preparation work is done well, the paper can be installed, installed and debugged. In the boot operation, we should adjust the line of paper feeding mechanism, paper receiving mechanism, inking device, water delivery device and printing pressure to ensure smooth paper delivery, water supply and ink volume, and print high-quality printing products. After the above work is ready, the machine is opened for a while, so that the amount of ink, water supply is moderate and uniform, then a number of over plate paper is added to the paper table for trial printing. If it is a multicolor printing or color printing, also need to register, to determine the layout of location is appropriate, whether the text skew, head and tail, about the size and direction of system (general rules in line registration regulation). After the completion of the assignment, the test print begins, several samples are printed, and the quality check is carried out. The ink modulation includes the preparation of special ink and adding some additives to the conventional ink. If the ink viscosity is not appropriate, it should be added to improve or reduce the viscosity of the ink oil; ink bath is not good, can add dry bath agent. The addition of all kinds of additives must be based on the conditions of process, equipment, paper and ambient temperature, and the amount should be appropriate. Check printing plate includes a plate type, color check, detection of plate thickness, plate on the size of the check, custom line check printing plate depth inspection, and layout quality, there is no fouling, scratches and other aspects of the examination. Adjustment of printing pressure: according to the thickness of the printing plate, paper size, thickness of the blanket, the thickness of the lining material, printing process and other factors, we choose the right roller liner to make the printing pressure conform to the printing process and quality requirements. Three, before the formal printing of formal printing, add a few more version of paper, after the end of the printing paper to make the counter zero. Sampling inspection is often used in printing. Attention should be paid to the change of water and water, the change of ink, the printing ability of printing plates, the cleanliness of rubber cloth, and the condition of oil supply, gas supply and operation of printing machine. Four, post treatment every day after the printing, or each batch of copies is completed, have to handle the operation after printing, the content includes a fountain, water roller, roller, blanket, roller cleaning, processing, printing sheet and printing machine maintenance etc.. Five, the cover page and special printing technology 1, film coating process is a process of printing products and plastic film by heat and pressure after sticking together. The surface of the printed paper after the film is more smooth and brighten, and improves the gloss and wear resistance of the printed matter. 2, embossing technology is a technology that uses concave and convex mold to produce plastic deformation under print under certain pressure. The printed print on the surface shows different patterns and textures on the surface. It has a clear sense of embossment and enhanced the artistic appeal of the printed matter. 3, die cutting and die cutting process is based on the design requirements of printed matter to make specialized die cutter, and then press or print the printing or other substrates under the action of pressure to form the required molding or cutting marks. 4, UV upper light UV light or ultraviolet light. It is based on the UV special special paint precision, evenly on the printing performance or local area after ultraviolet irradiation, at breakneck speed under dry and harden. 5, hot stamping hot stamping is in gold and silver as the material, with the help of a certain pressure and temperature, the printing and hot stamping foil pressed each other in a short period of time, metal foil or pigment foil by stamping template region on the transfer to the surface of printing process. The area of the printed matter after hot stamping presents a strong metal texture or other texture.


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