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Steps In Book Printing
- Sep 13, 2017 -

Book printing is our life again common but a class of printing products, we usually buy all kinds of books printing and a large number of books in the library printing to increase knowledge, the growth of insight is very helpful, reliable quality, printing of various kinds of books and printing is the spiritual food of people, so, Despite the continuous development of computer networks, book printing is still an essential part of our lives and work.

I. FM screen printing. This is more commonly used in the printing of books printing methods, in general, more suitable for the high color concentration of the book printing, Book Printing there are more of the landscape characters in the book is also more suitable for the use of FM screen printing methods.

Second, high network cable printing. This method used for book printing, more suitable for some of the screen more delicate and soft printing, Book Printing for the performance of the fine print content is very suitable, but also a more commonly used book printing methods.

Third, high-fidelity printing. High-fidelity printing method and other types of book printing methods, in the printing quality and printing effect is often better, very suitable for some simulation image printing, especially its six color or multi-color printing characteristics, in the printing effect often can show the best performance.

What are the steps in book printing? Now a lot of people like to write some essays log, over time to find that wrote a lot, but the ink of the handwriting will fade away, so many people want to print into a book, so good to save, then the book printing steps have? Maybe it's a tangle of things that you don't know, Book Printing Some people think that book printing is a matter of printing, as long as the book to the printing plant can be, and some people think that they need a lot of energy to follow up. So what is the actual situation? The following small series on the book printing for the steps of what, to give the reader a detailed introduction:

Book Printing Step one: First of all, we all know that people for a book is the first eye is the book's cover to do well, a good cover will give the whole book to bring more readers, the cover is not a direct impact on the choice of a book.

Book Printing Step Two: Second, Book Printing the cover is selected, of course, is the book inside the page, the color of the page is also required to choose their own, Book Printing is printed into black and white or color, it is also necessary to consider, according to their economic situation and preferences to choose.

Book Printing step three: Cover and the choice of internal page, to the bookbinding of the book, is the lock line or binding is better, this can be considered according to the nature of the book, many note types, are the use of lock lines.

Book Printing step four: Inside the page color considerations good to the book needs to do more exquisite or relatively simple, if more exquisite then need to hardcover, if simple, then the paperback can be.

Determine the above steps, you can go to the printing plant to select paper, Book Printing agreed with the merchant price, of course, if there is any problem, you can also negotiate with the printer, but the book printing process is basically these steps, for literary enthusiasts, in fact, a book is not so difficult.