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Sticker Printing Process
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Stickers are used in a wide range of applications, large to large enterprises, small ordinary shops, need to use this process, the most important thing is in the clothing market, each one once the price tag, and this Kind of label is a typical representative of stickers printing, although its price is very cheap, Sticker Printing but imagine a market clothing, a region of clothing, it is the number can not be estimated, naturally brought the self-adhesive profit return is also Can not estimate.

Stickers with convenience, as stickers printed on the back of the adhesive, in the use of very convenient, a paste on a tear on it. Without any glue can be bonded, Sticker Printing and will not affect the appearance of the product. The most important thing is sticky printing can also heat-resistant tide, so you can use long-term, do not often replace.

Stickers low cost, fast return, stickers of the process does not need much of the printing plant, do not need a good machine equipment, a simple sticker presses can be printed on the product, and The speed is very fast, in the early days do not need much cost to complete all the processes, nor will the environment have any pollution.

Sticker printing size: sticker printing is mainly used for product introduction signs and other trademarks need, as a convenient trademark paste in the corresponding product, Sticker Printing according to the different attributes and location of the product and have different sizes, the general quit Glue printing are required to professional printing company for special customization.

In the domestic printing market, we found that a variety of different types of stickers printed products have been a larger application space, the annual production of stickers per year, the total production of stickers has been increasing, all kinds of business environment And the place of business for stickers printing products, Sticker Printing the most widely used. For stickers printing production enterprises, it is better to ensure the quality of self-adhesive printing production is very important, then, stickers printing production of the basic principles of what is it?

The principle of stickers printing production is not complicated, relative to other printing products, stickers printing production process is slightly simple. In the production of stickers printed products, the first paper should be the first paper feeding device) will be sticky paper input to the printing part. A printing unit, i.e., a printing portion) for printing according to a desired number of colors, a printing format, Sticker Printing and an embossing method.

In the process of production of stickers printing, but also need some special printing devices, such as stickers printed film composite device, that is, paste the plastic part of the device can make the product after the combination of ink, increase the product The brightness can be immediately packaged factory, do not have to dry, die-cutting device: pressure cut into a variety of shapes of printed products, only the adhesive paper cut through the semi-die cutting method can be.

Sticky printing products in recent years, the domestic printing market demand for a large number of printing products, relatively speaking, stickers printed products in various fields of domestic applications more widely. Sticker Printing In many places we are able to see the existence of stickers printed products, including daily life, in the production of stickers printed printing products, through different printing production methods to produce stickers printed products, then, What are the types of stickers printed?

Printing of Offset Printing in Offset Printing. It can be said that the offset printing method is used for the production of stickers printing products, the main way, we said here is often used in the film through the film drying machine in the pre-coated photosensitive plate, and then printed on the paper offset printing machine, The general number of lines in the 175 line / square inch, 175L / inch; specifications Daquan Zhang machine, full boot, on the boot, four boot, eight boot and so on.

Sticky printing production in the flexo: In recent years, the domestic production of stickers for the production of printed products, the use of flexo way has become more and more. Flexo is printed with a film affixed to the resin version, rubber version of the photographic corrosion or engraving printing pattern. Sticker Printing This sticker printing production is gradually welcomed by the market, the future will be in the production of stickers in the printing of a larger proportion.