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The Application Of Self-adhesive Printing Is Wide
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Self-adhesive application range is very wide, large to large enterprises, small to ordinary taxi shop, all need to use this process, the most important thing is in the clothing market, each once need price tag, and this label is not dry glue printing typical representative, although its price is very cheap, Sticker Printing but imagine a market of clothing, a region of clothing , its quantity is impossible to estimate, the nature brings the self-adhesive profit return also cannot estimate.

Size of self-adhesive printing: self-adhesive printing is mainly used for product introduction logo and other trademark needs, Sticker Printing as a convenient trademark affixed to the corresponding products, according to the different attributes and location of the product has different sizes, General self-adhesive printing requires professional printing companies to make special customizations.

The price of self-adhesive printing varies with the adhesive specifications.

Self-adhesive printing, in a nutshell, refers to a certain pressure will be printing ink and other substances through the plate transfer to the back of the substrate coated with a plastic coating surface of the process. Self-adhesive printing products are mainly the following characteristics:

① is widely used: not only in food and beverages, daily necessities, household appliances, stationery and other aspects, but also in the field of commodity price tag and clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics and so on.

② paste Convenience: No glue, paste, such as adhesives, is very convenient, Sticker Printing and the appearance of goods without any pollution.

③ has durability: adhesion firm, sticky and flexible, heat and moisture resistance, not easy to aging. It is widely used in the field of trademarks and signs.

Adhesive is convenient, because the adhesive printing back adhesive, when the use of a very convenient, a paste can be a tear. Without any glue can be bonded, and will not affect the appearance of the product. The most important thing is that self-adhesive printing can also heat and withstand moisture, Sticker Printing so it can be used for a long time without frequent replacement.

Low cost of self-adhesive, quick return, self-adhesive process does not need to have much of the printing plant, also do not need to have much good machinery and equipment, a simple self-adhesive printing machine can be printed products, and the speed is very fast, in the early days do not need much cost to complete all the processes, Nor will there be any pollution to the environment.