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The Basic Steps Of Notebook Printing
- Aug 22, 2017 -

Notebook printing development period is very long, it can be said to have become a relatively traditional art. Through this technology can a variety of paper printing binding, and thus into a book. With the continuous development of printing technology, but also derived from a variety of printing methods, through these methods can effectively print out high-quality notebook. But to choose which method, Notebook Printing mainly according to the specific application, the following to detailed about how the notebook is printed into a book.

First to produce the original, the original is the most important design, how to design a visual effect, to attract consumers to buy, is the designer in the notebook printing process should be considered, but also pay attention to the original design when the cable can not be too high, Because the color effect will be bad. After the original design is good, we must prepare the film, which is a key step in the plate making process, Notebook Printing the film requires a clear picture, and the size of the size to be a good grasp of the four corners of the density should be highly consistent, so printed out a unified effect. The next step, it is exposure, to correctly grasp the exposure time and the size of the various lines on the plate. The general exposure time is too long or over, Notebook Printing there will be pictures of the situation is not clear. After the exposure is completed, rinse. Flushing is relatively simple, only need to control the time to wash the version of it. The last step is drying. Drying the temperature to be maintained at 50-60 ℃ between, Notebook Printing so as not to affect the overall effect of the layout. And if you want to enhance the overall sense of sophistication, you can post-processing. Such as sticking and post exposure. Above is the basic steps of notebook printing.

Notebook printing will choose when the flexible packaging printing methods, not only to take into account the advantages and disadvantages of different printing methods, from the cost, quality and other considerations, but also according to the characteristics of the substrate, for example, flexo printing equipment investment is relatively small, Gravure equipment is generally more expensive. At present, flexo printing quality is less than gravure printing, with the anilox roll manufacturing technology and flexographic plate making technology, Notebook Printing flexographic printing quality will gradually increase. We and then choose the quality of notebook printing, we must look good or bad, we can decide that we all for the choice of notebook.

Notebook printing and stencil printing technology, we will use the notebook after the paper will be more papery, so that we all of the office supplies to choose more at ease.

Notebook printing process, we all through the above understanding, presumably have a more profound understanding, I believe we all choose the notebook in the future, will have their own printing methods, Notebook Printing so that we all become more mood Happy some, let us look at their carefully selected notebook, will feel a great sense of accomplishment.