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The Constituent Elements Of Book Printing
- Aug 22, 2017 -

The layout refers to the sum of the graphic part and the blank part in the side of the book, including the blank portion around the heart and heart. The composition of a printed version of the book is very important, then the composition of the layout of the book in the end what elements?

Version of the heart, the so-called version of the heart is located in the central part of the layout, Book Printing where the text is text, but also a central part of the book.

Book eyebrow, book eyebrows are ranked in the upper part of the text or the symbol of the word collectively. Book not only includes the page number, text, but also includes the book line and so on. Book Printing The role of the book eye is used to retrieve the chapter, is to facilitate the reader's design.

Page number, the text of each side of the book is a page number, and the general position of the book page in the book cut side. In the printing industry, Book Printing people used to be a page number as a side rather than a page, only the front and back two pages are called a page.

Note that it is important to note that not all books are printed.

Annotations can also be called annotations or annotations, which are a supplement to the text or a word, the purpose of sugar readers to these relatively uncommon words more clearly. And some of the text is arranged in the article, called the folder, and arranged at the bottom of each side is called the footnote or note after the page.

The above aspects are the main constituent elements of the layout in the process of book printing. These elements play a different role in the printing of books, Book Printing but each is almost indispensable and we are making books The process requires special attention, hope that this knowledge can help to everyone. The same time as

Book printing is no stranger to each of us, we usually in life or at work are often read all kinds of books printed. In recent years, with the continuous development of the Internet, Book Printing the domestic printing market has been no small impact, but the impact of book printing is not very large, China's annual production of books printed or not small, then, books How is the printing production process?

The production of book printing generally requires more compliance with the production specifications and production processes of book printing. If you want to do books and prints, generally have to go through the original selection or design, original production, printing plate drying, printing, Book Printing finishing and other five processes. Select the original for printing, in the original manuscript information processing, to produce for the copy or engraving plate of the original version.

Book printing technology and other printed products production methods will be different, the printing of books will focus on practicality. Under normal circumstances, after pre-processing, with the original system for the printing plate used for printing, and finally the plate installed in the printing press, Book Printing the use of ink system will be coated with ink on the plate surface, pressure by the mechanical pressure, After, it became a variety of products to adapt to the use.