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The Key To The Print Quality Paper Is The Key
- Mar 02, 2018 -

The key to the print quality paper is the key

In recent years, the demand for light coated paper market in China is increasing. At the same time, it is also one of the products that have been paid attention to and developed by various paper mills at the same time. Domestic production enterprises are mainly grohal Chenming Paper Group, Jindong paper, Shandong Huatai Group. UPM. Ningxia Meili Shandong Quanlin papermaking enterprises. In October 2002, APP (Asia Pulp company) built a new Jiangsu Zhenjiang Jindong paper second with an annual output of 500 thousand tons of coated paper production line officially put into production, so far. Together with the original built the first coated paper production line, Jindong Paper Co has become the world's largest coated paper production scale of enterprises. The company has two sets of coated base paper production line with a width of 9700mm and a speed of 1500 meters / minute, with an annual capacity of over 700 thousand tons. The quality of base paper and coated paper is all high quality products. Chenming Paper Group has successfully developed 51 grams / square meter of low weight coated paper, and has produced 51~120 grams / square meter of all kinds of specifications of low quantitative coated paper production capacity, the product structure is complete.

Light coated paper has good clothing label, printing quality, and it is suitable for rotary gravure or rotary offset printing, and even for lithographic offset printing.  Currently grohal are widely used in printing magazines, catalogues, advertising, trademark, newspaper Edition (the subject) and other fields. In the United States, light coated paper is listed as the most potential paper of "new product development guide for light industry". According to statistics, 52% of the American light coated paper is used to print magazines. Clothing trademark tag, such as reader's Digest monthly, is printed in tens of millions of books in 19 languages. The body of this magazine is printed on light coated paper. In addition, 25% of the light coated paper is used for the printing of.20%. In Europe, 42% of the light coated paper is used for printing magazine.30% for advertising and 22% for catalogues. The medium and low-grade light coated paper in Japan is also the fastest increase in export speed in recent years, and it has a trend to continue to increase. In the more developed countries and regions, the increasing demand for light coated paper is mainly due to the great impetus for the development of advertising and color printing.

China's low weight coated paper started late. In commercial advertisements, many of them used coated paper, which is rare in the international market. In the past domestic grohal used for printing. The magazine newspaper inserts and other fields, in recent years in the catalogue and the advertising industry has gradually emerged with the trend of light weight coated paper, which makes the domestic grohal market since twenty-first Century have been active, consumption and demand are increasing year by year. In 2002, the domestic production of light coated paper was about 250 thousand tons, while the total consumption of the country was 900 thousand tons. The shortage was imported from abroad.

At present, the light coated paper has become a hot topic at home and abroad.  In recent years, though more than 10 newly built light duty paper production lines have been built in recent years, the annual capacity is about 1000000 tons, but the output has been below 500 thousand tons for many years, and the development speed is slow. In foreign countries, light weight coated paper is the fastest developing paper in recent years. The reason why foreign coated paper is basically unchanged or slightly decreased, but the cost is greatly reduced. So the market is bigger and bigger. At present, the domestic cultural paper needs to change products from the market to the production of books and periodicals. The change of double gummed paper to light coated paper is a process of improving printing performance, but the cost is greatly improved, which leads to the slow development of the domestic light paper market. The research and development of technology in the development of light weight coated paper, coating pigment coating. From technology. Further updates of coating equipment to further reduce grohal paper quantitative. The focus of research should still be in improving or ensure the printing performance but also try to reduce or control the cost. The domestic papermaking cheap non wood fiber, such as mechanical pulp composition of grohal bamboo pulp, bagasse pulp, reed pulp and other alternative foreign. The reasonable use of chemical pulp. In order to produce can meet the market demand for light weight coated paper. Culture so as to realize the upgrading of cultural paper. Only light coated paper, which meets the demand of the market and has low cost, is the real favorite of the present and future printed paper products in China.

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