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The Kind Of Book Printing
- Jul 19, 2017 -

What is the process of book printing?

First section of the book Printing first plate

Book Printing first Seihan is the production of plates, bottom slab. Seihan is divided into woodcut, stone version, movable version, screen, electroplating, photographic version, plastic version, Book Printing rubber version, photo-plate, electronic sedan, color laser imagesetter system and so on.

Electronic color separation Seihan is the use of photoelectric conversion principle.

The electronic desktop system is a step further, it only needs to use color scanner to scan the picture.

Section II imposition

Imposition is in accordance with a certain format and requirements of the manuscript into a block of the complete layout.

Imposition is divided into two kinds of spellings:

Rotary imposition is the same printing plate can be used for the same paper before and after printing, Book Printing the future will be cut into the same two copies;

Registration printing is the same sheet of paper must be printed with two plates.

Section III Book Printing to fold

The printed printed is folded by the open number. Book Printing Folding is the simplest process in the printing process. The folded pages are called "creases", and the folds are labeled "folded".

The earliest form of folding is the folding.

Section Fourth printing

Printing is printed in the form of text or drawings.

The types of printing have letterpress, intaglio, lithography, screen version four, due to the different versions of the printing, the effect is different.

Lithographic printing is divided into lithography, collotype printing, Book Printing Offsctdruckereien and many other methods.

There are many types of offset press, according to the color of the printing of monochrome, two-color, four-color offset printing presses, but also double-sided printing.

Section Fifth proofreading

Proofreading is a necessary link in the process of book publishing. The requirement is to check the proofs according to the manuscript or the final, to eliminate typographical errors and irregularities, and in accordance with the publication specifications and requirements, Book Printing adjust the layout of technology and typography implementation process problems, make it standardized, to ensure the quality of publications.

Proofreading generally at least three times, the final correction of the printed proof of the "for", also known as "print-like" or "Shang (paper)-like".

For the art design proofreading, mainly to amend the "color-like".

Section Sixth bookbinding of book printing

According to the method of nail can be divided into flat, horse-drawn, lock line, Book Printing binding and other categories, now generally thicker books are used for sewing. The book shell form is divided into two kinds, namely the complete book Shell and the ingredient book shell. Paperback books also have the use of plastic compression film. Hardcover book also has a cover stamping process.

Section seventh paper materials printed in books

The paper material is the material form of the book. Printing paper by the use of newsprint, books and periodicals, cover paper, paper, packaging, etc. according to the printing requirements are divided into letterpress, intaglio paper, uncoated paper, etc. according to the packaging and reel paper Two kinds of peace paper. The actual paper is as follows:

1. Newsprint: Commonly known as "newsprint", mainly for the printing of newspapers, publications and books. Newsprint paper smooth, texture soft, ink-absorbent strong, dry fast, with a certain degree of mechanical strength, printed out of clear text.

2. Offset paper: Out called "paper", the English transliteration (Dowling), the texture is solid and white, because the suitable offset multiple overprinter color name, for collers printing.

3. Copper paper: A paper coated with white paint, paper, fine and clean, for printing books and periodicals inserts, covers, catalogs and so on. Single and double-sided two.

4. Cardboard: Also known as "grass sheet paper", often used to do hardcover book cover, lining, letter, book shell, etc., the industrial sector also as packaging materials.

The unit that calculates the paper is called Order, each order 500. Book Printing The following units are printed. Also known as "Fang". 1000 printed equals one order.

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