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The Printing Method Of Stickers Is Flexible
- Oct 30, 2017 -

The so-called sticker printing is under a certain pressure will be ink and other substances transferred to the back of the plate by pre-coated with adhesive layer of the process of printing material surface. Compared with ordinary printing, stickers have the following characteristics: small investment, quick effect. Stickers printed mostly trademarks and stickers, the format is small, printing speed, less production waste. Flexible printing method. Stickers are not subject to printing restrictions, the traditional printing presses can be offset printing or screen printing presses. Function, stickers are widely used in food, cosmetics and bar code products, Sticker Printing but also for electronic products, machinery products and other special circumstances of the signs.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, stickers printing market continues to expand, trademarks, stickers, signs, Mingban's market share is increasing, which has brought unlimited business opportunities for stickers printing. The so-called sticker printing, that is, Sticker Printing under certain pressure will be ink and other substances by the plate transfer to the back of the pre-coated with adhesive layer of the process of printing materials. Compared with ordinary printing, sticker printing has the following characteristics:

① widely used. Not only in the food and beverage, daily sundries, household appliances, cultural and educational supplies, etc., but also used in the field of commodity circulation of the price tag and clothing, textiles, medicine, cosmetics and so on.

② easy to paste. Do not glue, paste and other adhesives, tear off that paste, very convenient, and the appearance of the goods without any pollution.

③ durability. Sticky firm, sticky flexible, heat resistant to moisture, not aging.

④ small investment, effective fast stickers printed more trademarks and stickers, Sticker Printing the format is small, only a trademark printing presses can be completed multi-color printing, film, online die-cutting, automatic waste, hot stamping and all Process, and printing speed, resulting in less waste. One machine, less investment

Because of the above characteristics of the label, so that stickers printed materials come out, and soon the majority of users to replace the traditional trademark, has become an indispensable product of a decorative ornament.

China's self-adhesive printing technology is diversified, high-grade, security, small quantities, more varieties of direction.

Stickers printing size: stickers printed mainly used for product introduction signs and other trademarks need, as a convenient trademark paste in the corresponding product, Sticker Printing according to the different attributes and location of the product and have different sizes, the general quit Plastic printing are required to professional printing company for special customization.

The price of stickers printing varies with the specifications of the stickers. Hao Wo Government Printing to ensure that the lowest printing prices in the industry to provide you with the best quality printing services.

Sticker printing precautions

1. According to the type of labeling objects, grade, quality, paste the characteristics of the surface, the use of the environment and the user's requirements and other comprehensive consideration.

2. Film-like self-adhesive label surface must be smooth and dense, uniform density, consistent color, light transmission is good, to ensure that the film ink evenly, Sticker Printing with the batches of small color difference.

3. Stickers to the thickness of the label should be uniform, the strength index to be qualified.

4. Self-adhesive label to be flat, rewinding tension to be uniform.

5. Membrane stickers also have a corrosion resistance, anti-aging, not fade, shrinkage, expansion ratio of small features.