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The Process Of Book Printing
- Oct 10, 2017 -

The books have been seen by a large logarithm, but all we see are exquisite finished products. Xiao Bian likes to read books, every place in the home will have several books. So how is the book made? What kind of process is there in a book? Here's a look at the book printing process together with the small series!

The first step, Seihan: Seihan is known as the production of plates, and photographs need to film like, books also need the backplane. Seihan the way there are many kinds of, Book Printing but with the development of society, the most commonly used for the screen, photographic version, photo-plate, electronic seihan and so on. Electronic plate-making uses the principle of photoelectric conversion to color separations.

The second step, imposition: imposition is the same as the puzzle, according to certain requirements to the manuscript into a complete layout. Like a newspaper, the column consists of a complete newspaper page. Book Printing And the imposition is divided into two ways, one is called the runner version, Book Printing the other is called registration.

The third step, fold: This is to print good paper folding according to the number of open. Folding is the most simple process of book printing, folding the page is called "fold", the fold on the mark is called "fold." The approximate shape of such a book came out.

The fourth step, the book printing: This step everybody sees the name to know, is the book printing, has made the manuscript which we produced good through the machine book printing, forms the book print. Book Printing There are four ways to print books, and different methods of printing are not the same. Books are commonly used in tablets and web versions.

Step Fifth, proofread: This is an important step in the book printing process. Without this step, it will make our affection for books greatly reduced, imagine, Book Printing who will go to buy a lot of errors, affect the effect of the book? So proofreading this step is very important, he can find typographical errors and flaws in the place, according to the requirements to execute, let him more standardized, which ensures the quality of the book, Let's see the fine books.

The sixth step, bookbinding: This step is the final step of the book formation, without bookbinding of the book is just a word of paper, messy. Bookbinding the way there are many kinds of, flat, lock line, binding, and so on, most of the books are selected lock line, so that the book is not too easy to fall apart. Book Printing Xiao Bian once bought a book, see a few pages on the loose, has become a "collection."